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Okay so I got a Resident Evil rush recently and edited my last theme (featuring Summer Glau) into an Umbrella Corporation theme.

In the package you will find the install file which you install through GDMSETUP, a fitting wallpaper, and also two icons.

The icons are to be used as Menu buttons, and you can change that by following these steps:

1. ALT + F2
2. Type gconf-editor and press enter
3. Apps -> Panel -> Objects

One of the objects will be the menu button, for me it was Object1 and the object_type was "menu-object".

Check the Use_Custom_Icon box and enter the path to the icon in the Custom_Icon field further up the list, i.e "/home/USER/umbrellaicon2.png" if that's where you placed it.

In no way to I mean to infringe or break any copyright or other laws, and if you believe that is the case and want the content removed, just send me a mail at .

I also use the Resident Evil theme (found on YouTube under Charlie Clouser - Main Title) as login sound. I cut it in Audacity and converted to Wav. However, the file was too big to upload with this.

Originally the theme was created by virussx and named Gaby Red, but edited by me into this.

Hope you enjoy it :)


12 years ago

Sorry but where exactly is the install file? I can't find it anywhere. Do i need to download something else? am I missing something? I would really like some help.




10 years ago

i cant install it ..plzz tell me the easiest way to installl it ..i really appreciate your effort... thanks .. waiting 4 ur response



12 years ago

this is a very good gdm.. though i did replace tha BG with a darkened pic of the RE mansion =)



12 years ago

thankYou thankYou thankYou!!!
I'm lover and fan of Resident evil and this theme is excellent.


product-maker kpl123 Nov 11 2010 9 excellent
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GDM Themes

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Note Ubuntu uses LightDM, so you would need to switch to GDM first to use GDM themes: