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This program is intended for changing colors in SVG icon sets in relatively easy manner. The icon sets wont need any kind of preconditioning. The program searches through the files in the icon set for colors and presents them to the user for modifications. All colors can be changed to any of your liking. Effect of any modifications can easily be seen by applying the changes. Unwanted changes can easily be reverted. You can also save your modification configuration so you can do additional changes later. However note that this program can't change PNG or any other bitmap images.

This program gives you a bit more fine grained control over the colors in the icon set, but also requires bit more dedication. If you just want to quickly and easily to create some icon set with certain color scheme, one of these programs might suit you:



This page is just for advertisement. The real homepage for this program is http://code.google.com/p/ld-iconcolors/. The download link will also take you there. Be sure to read the instructions before using the program.


9 years ago


This software not work in Oneiric. Any suggest?




9 years ago

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Didn't think that anyone actually uses this anymore. :)

It seems that newer versions of Ubuntu do not have python-glade2 package installed on default anymore. Install it. With that it should work on Precise too.

If there are people still using this, let me know. I might even be open for little improvement proposals.



7 years ago

I think this is an amazing application sir. I wish more people were into it so you could justify spending your time on making it even better than it already is. Thank you for your work thus far. It would be great to see an option in here for selecting colors by their actual RGB numbers I think it's called. Again, thank you for what you do.


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An Icon Theme should have a valid .theme file among its files and aim to be complete for desktop use under Gnome or KDE Plasma.

If it contains only a single icon or a small set of icons, please use the Icon Sub-Sets or Single Icon/Logo categories instead.