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Used icon Oxygen Team, Human-O2 by schollidesign, MAC OS X by balasakthi, OSX BY N00bun2, Faenza by Matthieu James, OSX-Nostalgie & Ubudao Style by Walenty Walewski, Potenza by AlessandroBo, oxyTablets by gardmo, KotenZA by pawanyadav, Buttonized by technoshaun.

This is an attempt to collect all the icons of programs with the GPL that have ever been created in the same themes.

But still there are icons that can not be replaced in this themes.

The themes icons covers 99% of not proprietary software from lubuntu software center.

There are no commercial programs - about 900 such units.

37651 icons in apps. Maximum compatibility with Gnome, MATE, KDE, Deepin, Xfce.

Download Glass of water https://yadi.sk/d/PgBZPsbffWxpQ

After switching on the download page click on the button to download. The Preview button is not working because it is a tar.gz archive.

Эта тема иконок покрывает 99% не проприетарных программ из lubuntu software center.

Здесь нет иконок для 900 платных или несвободных программ и игр.


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Last changelog:

V. 1.2 2 years ago

Added 300 icons for snap.


3 years ago


Merci pour ce magnifique pack d’icônes, juste une précision pour l'installation, penser à changer les permissions des fichiers sh, thèmes et csv, comme cela les icônes s'affichent dans tous les dossiers et sous-dossiers.



4 years ago

Please share name of themes and borders used in screenshots. Is it compatiable with cinnamon and Linux Mint 17.3? Thanks for your answer.




4 years ago

Первый скриншот это новый Наутилус или Немо (я уже не помню что именно).
Второй скриншот это МАТЕ.
Третий скриншот это Unity поверх МАТЕ.

У меня старый компьютер и современные сборки не загружаются. Иногда их можно весьма криво запустить командой из МАТЕ (типа gnome-shell --replace). На последнем скриншоте Unity запущено из МАТЕ.

Да эта тема иконок подходит для cinnamon и Linux Mint 17.3. И вообще для любых дистрибутивов Линукс.

The first screenshot is a new Nautilus or Nemo (I do not remember what exactly).
The second screenshot is Mateo.
The third screenshot is Unity over the MATE.

I have an old computer and modern assembly is not loaded. They can be very crooked run command from MATE (such as gnome-shell --replace). On the last screenshot Unity launched from the MATE.

Yes, this theme icons for cinnamon and Linux Mint 17.3. And for all Linux distributions.




4 years ago

Pretty interesting icon theme. Different and strange idea. And it's very complete. Would be nice to see variations like "glass of wine" etc.




4 years ago

Haha, that looks so funny ^-^




4 years ago

I really like it :)


V. 1.2 2 years ago

Added 300 icons for snap.

15.09.2016. 3 years ago

Fixed big bug in KDE. 14275 icons in apps.

4 years ago

16.02.2015. Added 450 icons. Fixed bugs. Check the rules in script for non-replaceable icon.

21.01.2016. Added 130 icons.

23.08.2015. New script is autonomous without curl. Option -r will return everything as it was.

A script running in


1270 icons in mimetypes.

15.08.2015. Added 530 icons and a script for 666 non-replaceable icons.

11.05.2015. Added 84 icons.

25.04.2015. Added 200 icons.

18.04.2015. Added 150 icons.

14.04.2015. Added 120 icons.

8.04.2015. Added 128 icons.

01.04.2015. Added 180 icons.

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