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The RAVE-X Colors Icon Theme is a vivd and "classically styled" (non flat) icon theme. It features lots of eye candy and shiny icons. It is an alternative "non flat" icon theme for those who still like the classic icon style. (It should be noted We develop a flat icon theme called Vibrancy Colors Too. We have nothing against flat themes. We make sevral. We just want to do one like this. So users have options.)

RAVE-X is sort of an unofficial updated build of the Faenza icons. However do not expect us to be able to make lots of new icons we do not have the resources to do that in this icon theme. Comes with new color folders and lots of little updates/fixes. *Like compatibility/fixes for New GTK/Gnome builds.

Yes! RAVE-X is still alive with a yet another new update for 2015! v2.1 July 2015

RAVE-X is NOT a fork of Faneza. It is essentially a sort of unofficial new build of it with some patches, new folders and fixes and support for new gnome builds. Faneza has not been updated since 2013 so with RAVE-X you get some compatibility fixes for 2015 and New folders in 13 colors.

RAVE-X Icons are very similar to the Mint-X Icon Theme (The Mint team actually was inspired by RAVE-X Colors. And decided to do color folder icons like we do in RAVE-X and they use similar or the same colors in most places.),

However RAVE-X provides support for dark and light themes and panels and Mint-X only supports light panels on non-cinnamon desktops. RAVE-X also benefits from some fixes/tweaks back-ported from Vibrancy Colors such as fixed/updated action icons and the battery no longer turns yellow at 40% it waits till less then 20%. Either way Mint-X is still great too.

Works On: Linux Mint 17+, Ubuntu 14.04+, 15.04, And other Distros old and new. Now Supports GTK 3.14+

This Theme is meant to go with RAVE X Colors, or Ambiance & Radiance Colors Or any GTK theme you see fit.

Brought to you by RAVEfinity! An Open Source Design Project! If you like this theme, Check out our other work or just support us by visiting:http://www.ravefinity.com/


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Licenced: CC BY SA Unported.
Some Parts GPL v2

Need Help Installing Or Using This Theme?
Read The Easy Howto Guide. And Other Theme Related Help At Our Website's Help Section: http://www.ravefinity.com/p/help-faq.html

We DO NOT want to take credit for others hard work. So keep in mind we put this theme together and made a few tweaks but be sure to give your love to and know this is Brought to you by(& Based on):

Faenza Icons.
(C) Tiheum

Elementary Icons, New Folders.
Daniel Foré

(C) 2014 New Colors & Some New Design By RAVEfinity, Jared sot
"RAVE X Colors" By RAVEfinity. Various Fixes and tweaks made.

Color Elementary Folders are made possible by a script based on work by Jennie Petoumenou.

Instructions for Installing this theme from the Official RAVEfinity PPA can now be found on the download page!

Theme is now available in Debs Packages and in our PPA! Thanks to Noobslab.

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