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If you like the looks of Black_Beauty III_CD you might also like this! What I have done here is simply change the color of the windows. The text scheme remains the same as does everything else. Now to contain this many themes out of one does require a little bit of work on your part.

Inside this theme you will find folders with names, the appropriate cinnamon.css, theme.json and thumbnail will be in each folder. All you have to do is simply copy/paste the cinnamon folder into each folder and put cinnamon.css, theme.json and thumbnail inside it. You will then have all the themes listed and for a download that is easier than downloading all themes had I assembled them. Reason for this also is in case you may like only one color at present and then later find you would like another. Also cuts down on the amount of themes on Gnome Looks so I do not "hog space" so to speak!

The black transparency bit has been done for quite some time on here, so I figure would be a nice twist to give everyone a great selection of colors to choose your transparent Cinnamon theme! Remember all are based with the same text scheme as Black_Beauty_III_CD so they could be completed quickly and made available to you! Colors are Burgundy, Cyan, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Blue, and Purple. I simply want everyone to enjoy the look they like! Once again my Fonts are only an option! I never force anything on anyone! They simply remain an option just in case you may like the look of my fonts! Apologize for lack of picture quality as is hard to show all themes properly!

Is awesome what can be achieved with transparencies as we can still see all the coloring and text, but also see what is behind it! I love that fact as some of us enjoy nice pictures on our desktops and to completely hide them all the time is not totally pleasing! Just hope whatever your likes in colored transparencies, I have covered it. If not will make another pack if you let me know!!!! Please sell your SPAMWARES ON EBAY ONLY! This is for those of us that love to create themes users will enjoy, respect that fact! PLEASE!!!! Any problems, please notify me quickly and will do my very best to get it fixed quickly!!!
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