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If you like Black_Beauty_II theme this shell is definitely for you! Is based solely on the entire concept of that theme. Black can be quite attractive when is accompanied with other nice colors. Of course I have still not beat the bottom task bar text color and would love to know how to change that. For now the rest is really sharp. Also included is Black_Beauty_II theme with added improvement when scroll bar is selected changes from amber to green. Gives the full scheme now of red, amber and green. Pictures show urw chancery l font, but I change uploaded version to sans serif but also have urw chancery commented out all you would have to do is comment it back in, the file is gnome-shell.css. Green upper task bar text in Gnome. Amber on Gnome Classic. To enjoy the entire scenario, I suggest you delete theme in usr/share/gnome-shell and replace with this one. If I was able to get a snapshot on Login would have been nice, but still seeing is believing. This is what I boot to everyday so can guarantee is no hassle! Did not gain time on this effort, but is due to my inexperience. Only gain so far is on my themes. As usual, comments to improve so we all get great themes and shells is what I am after. Do not like it download something else and keep the negativity to yourself. Spam is never welcome and appreciate its absence!


7 years ago

Glad to hear you love it so much! I worked very hard on it and really appreciate the fact you like it so much!




7 years ago

really a theme? more like a nightmare


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