Quite a few changes, some of which are very noticable. See changelog below.

As I said, work in progress. :)

This is the MoonShadow theme for Gnome shell 3.4.

It is most likely not compatible with Gnome 3.2 (but I haven\'t actually tested it). This theme has only been tested on Gnome shell 3.4.1 on Ubuntu 12.04.

This theme was designed in hopes of complimenting the MediterraneanNight GTK theme, by Rafa Cobreros (trastes).

MoonShadow is originally based on the London Smoke Gnome shell theme, by Padster.

London Smoke on

London Smoke on

Thanks very much to the previous works\' authors for their efforts.

I am very much learning on the fly, and this is very much a work in progress. So if you have any suggestions, critiques, or requests, feel free to let me know through the comments section or private message.


Revamp summary interfaces.
Replace the switch icon.
Work on running app appeareance in overview.
Adjust scrollbars.
Tweak systray?? (bottom panel)
Work on notifications.


4 years ago

MoonShadow 1.2: 05/6/12

Adjusted inset of text entry on run dialog and chat dialog.
Removed border around icon in modal dialogs.
Adjusted colors and size of run dialog.
Added drop shadow to search result bars.
Complete revamp of the chat dialog.
Fixed drop shadows and borders on popup menus.
Slight adjustment to panel drop shadow.
Changed gradient of workspace background.
Changed background color of running apps in dash (still not happy with it)

MoonShadow 1.1: 05/03/12

Change highlight color of selected items in popup menu.
Tweak inset shadows for consistency and improved appearance.
Reduced panel height.
Changed behavior when hovering over panel buttons.
Changed behavior of focused panel buttons.
Darkened the overview background for better contrast.
Improved consistency of colors on most hover actions.

MoonShadow 1.0 : 05/02/12

Initial release

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