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Decided to make this theme as there wasn't much of a selection of themes for gnome 3.6, at least ones that I would like. So then I made something for myself and thought I would give it to others as well.


- GNOME Shell 3.6
- User-Theme-Extension
- Advanced Settings/gnome-tweak-tool


- Once downloaded open Advanced Settings/gnome-tweak-tool
- Click theme
- Locate file using the button that says (none)


- Take downloaded file and extract into .themes in home folder.

Use Advanced Setting/gnome-tweak-tool to select it from drop-down menu in themes.

If you want to make the icons in the message tray smaller So they fit into the re-sizing I did to the notification bar. (like in the screenshots)
Then download message tray below.

extract messageTray.js

replace: /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/messageTray.js

in terminal: sudo cp /*location To*/messageTray.js /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/messageTray.js

make a copy of the original somewhere incase you want to restore it.

I also decreased the time it takes for the notification bar to show. It was annoyingly slow for me.
This is still bit slow, as to reduce accidental notification popup. but its better than before.

Hope You Enjoy!

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