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Hello again,

Notice: I made the top panel really small to save some monitor real estate if it\'s to small, let me know. Plus it looks cool! ;-)

I had this wallpaper and thought I would create a shell and gtk theme to match. I created a neutral color instead of matching like orange (even though that would look awesome I may do for my personal taste and post a ss) so you can use it with a variety of wallpapers) ;D I do not remember where I got the wallpaper. If you are the creator of it or know where it can be downloaded please shoot me a link.

OS: [url][/url ArchBang

Gnome Shell: My own based off of adwaita but completely tweaked.

GTK Theme: Based off of ANewStartBlood by *alecive ( I tweaked it )

Icons: the one and only awesome icon theme by *alecive (thx buddy for creating them ;)

Added Arch icon to mint menu and removed the menu text

Cairo-Dock with AwOken Orange Icons at the bottom.

Wallpaper: ?? unknown (if you are the author or know the author let me know and I will put a link)
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