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Update 2012/15/02
Added the fresh-Wood Cinnamontheme. You find it in the very last Download-Link!!!

This is a modd of the Wood\\\'n\\\'Tux-Theme, done by rvc-2011. But my theme has a more fresh wooden look.

The theme is lighter and with real wood-looking panels, the Overview as well as the dash look fresh and wooden. Also the run-dialog as wenn as the shutdown-dialog have real wooden look.

Then this theme also has wood-looking workspace-thumbnail-indicators and backgrounds.

But in these both themes, I replaced the backgrounds of the search-indicator and also the Activity-Buttons in the panel with more fitting Icons.

Then this theme also again includes the in the same way modded version of the cinnamon-theme done by rvc-2011.

Gnome 3.2 / Gnome Shell
Cinnamon 1.2

just download the theme to the ~/.themes-folder in your home-directory.
Then open gnome-tweak-tool and select the theme.

Then press Alt+F2 to reload your shell. That\\\'s it.

The screenshots show the new Overview, the new dash and the Desktop with panels. The icons used in these screenshots are the Faenza-Icons, which you can install via ppa-repository:

INSTALLATION of Faenza-Icons:

Launchpad PPA
Faenza icon theme is available to install via a PPA repository. Open a terminal and run :

sudo add-apt-repositoryppa:tiheum/equinox

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install faenza-icon-theme

The Wallpaper shown in the screenshot will be available in the second download. It is take out of a previous older Ubuntu-Distribution.


5 years ago

Added fresh-Wood Cinnamontheme


5 years ago

hi people,

your wish for the Cinnamon-theme, which corresponds to this theme, has been fulfilled.

I hope, you like this theme.

If so, then I would be happy for your votes.



5 years ago

Have now added the Wallpaper shown in the second Download-Link.

Have fun with this theme. And if you like it, then don't forget to vote for it!!!




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