First and Foremost, this theme is not my original. This is just a modification of one of the best themes for gnome-shell - \"Tron Legacy\" by half-left.
You can find the original here =>

its a beautiful theme and i retained the originality of that theme to the maximum and just made it work under gnome 3.2 (within my limitations). I liked it so much that i felt i will share it here.

Kudos to half-left for the original creation posted during the initial days of gnome 3. All credits to the original author. Thank You for viewing / downloading


5 years ago

Completely Re-written the theme to be "Freeze-Free", keeping the original color-scheme, switches etc. intact (Thanks to half-left for his eye-candy shell theme !)

Now the theme is faster in terms of responsiveness, is much more pleasing and easy on the eyes IMHO

Wallpaper credit goes to zenren for his post which you can find here =>

The white light streak you see in the desktop wall is taken from the Nexus Extension by wsid.
You can find it here =>

Just corrected the workspace thumbnail background transparency to blend with the base color and added the original tron legacy wallpaper (from the original theme by half-left) for all the tron fans...

now the theme looks complete and i dont think any more updates are needed (within my limitations of the overview) as of now !

Thank You for Visiting this page for a Preview / Download. Your Suggestions / Comments will go a long way in getting my limited knowledge more polished !

5 years ago


Yes this is a really beautiful theme, and I like it a lot !!! I'm a fan of the movie ;)
Thank you very much for this very nice work !!!
Have a wonderful day....


5 years ago


thank you friend....



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