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This is Gnome-Shell theme I made based on the beautiful inspiration and my favorite color , Blue . I added some dark glossy transparent instead of full transparency to the theme so that You will be able to see the text . This is also the 1.1a version which is only a minor update on design of the calendar.

Requirements :
1. GNOME Shell 3.4.1 [To find out what version of Gnome-Shell you are using, open up a Terminal and type in \"gnome-shell --version\" ]

2. Advanced Settings (gnome-tweak-tool)

3. User-Theme-Extension

Instructions :
1.) Download the OptimusBlueInspiration.zip file .

2.) Open Up Advanced Settings (gnome-tweak-tool) and go to "Theme" and click the Shell Theme box and locate the "OptimusBlueInspiration.zip" file. Now you can select the theme in the dropdown menu "OptimusBlueInspiration".

Hope You Like it xDD
Leave a comment below if you wanna suggest any improvements that should be done to the theme .

This Theme took me about 3 days to complete it , as I was having fever , process of making the theme really slowed down . But I added in all sorts of elegant designs to the theme , and I really really hope that you'll enjoy it !

If You Ever wanted to download the Original 1.1 version again , here it is : http://adf.ly/AYAjU

┬ęSzeTheProGamer | Genesis


4 years ago

1.1a Change Log
I missed out doing some changes on the calendar , untill ... YESTERDAY !

[+] Red active hover has been changed into Blue !
[+] Events are much more well designed

2 years ago


GREAT theme! Where can I find the icons you used?


4 years ago


Awesome!!! Now just needs a matching GDM theme. ;-)


4 years ago


Fits very well in my desktop. Thanks!


4 years ago


Blue is my favorite color too. I also like this theme because of its transparency effects. Thanks for it!


4 years ago


Thanks a lot xDDD glad you liked it :)



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