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First off after looking at the original "Ambiance" theme I discovered it was well written. Unfortunately due to some color constraints, how well it was created is "Well-Hidden!" So, I am going to take you on a trip as to "Re-Imagine" what Ambiance would have been if the author was not constrained to simple coloring!

Originally, I did a similar theme called "Ambiance-Reborn" basically there are still some qualities from that theme inside this one. I did not want to keep the name as received too much flac for it! I also want to show I have great appreciation towards the original creator, so have done my best to keep most of the coloring aspects, but have accentuated them a little more as to add brilliance!

Is nice to have a lighter theme at times, but as usual is also nice to have coloring for it! So, I add my "Stoplight-Motif" and some decent gradients to do my best in making this theme "Shine!". Of course, I do have a regret with this theme and it belongs to gtk2.0. I wish there was some way to bring in the gradients as I do with the menus in gtk3.0! Using gradients, one can never match exact coloring with non-gradients!!!

Default will be the "Mac_Lights". I also include 2 choices for the original Metacity in a refined version that comes inside folder labeled "Ambiance_Original_Metacity. What I have done with it is matched the text coloring and upper coloring to match the rest of the theme. The original is also in a folder inside this metacity which is the exact same as the "Original Ambiance" which means the upper part is much darker and text is white! So to be honest would clash, but I leave it for those to decide what they want to do! I enjoy giving as many choices as I can!

As usual, be decent with remarks as I continually hope we are all "Adults" here! Beauty is in the eye, etc! Appreciate all themes on here so we can continue to have this great place to come to called "Gnome-Look" "SPAMMERS DO NOT SELL HERE!" Any problems come up, let me know, my main aim is to get themes to you that work correctly and look nice! I always do my very best to ensure all works right! Hope you will enjoy as it did take me some time to get this right!
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