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I will state this first so it can be understood! I do not try to look like outdated OS's and have my own original look that may not be appealing to everyone. For those that enjoy difference and are not ashamed they use Linux, I am hoping my themes will be enjoyable. I also hope you will understand these facts and also be an "Adult" and just pass on by if this theme does not suit your preference! I want to keep the comments open for important issues such as usability. Mainly, if something does not work right, I want to fix it so it does, so you can enjoy the theme! For those that do not like my themes, please find another that suits your preference and leave the "Hatred" out!

(WARNING!!!! Text shown in pictures are my personal choice and is not included with the theme!!!!!)
(Cyana dedicated to the memory of "Eric Wolfson" songwriter, musician, playwrite for musical "Freudiana" were this name was derived)

With that said this theme is called "Cyana". The idea comes from what happens when the main text coloring and some ideas from Black Beauty are combined with a color that commonly runs "Second Fiddle" in themes? Of course since Cyan has such a great range and such a beauty of its own, I would say is virtually impossible to mess it up! So, what I have done here is also build onto some effects that I have been working on since BeiTanBro and another that is still in progress. So, once again I do have a few differences from gtk2.0 to gtk3.0 as to compensate for poor color qualities when 2.0 is engaged!

I love bringing "Illusion" into themes! Why should everything look flat as a pancake, when we can implement change and make it appear with more dimension? So, I came up with a little better way this time on Gnome Tweak scroll downs. The hovers will also appear to "curve" so really does look nice! Same happens scrolling through the menu's, gedit and active windows! Just has a nice appearance and shows all our great Linux Developers how proud we are of their ingenuity, brilliance and the time they take to make everything work so great for all of us! To me it is all about making them know their time is well spent! I am not going to waste their brilliance making something "outdated" is simply time to move on, after all this is 2014, right??? Not 2003!!!

So, I simply hope you will enjoy this theme to the utmost and let the brilliance of Linux shine bright! After all, that is what we are using, right? Once again, for those that want to sell here, NO SPAM TOLERATED! Do the normal thing and sell your things on EBAY! Please just appreciate the fact we have Gnome-look, so whatever our tastes may be we can find what suits it! Always appreciate everyone here donates their time to make beautiful themes for your enjoyment!
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