Burgundy II

GTK3/4 Themes

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1st Version of Burgundy was pretty good but we all know could be better. With this 2nd version I decided to take it to the limit with one of my favorite tricks called imaging. Not going to get into depth about it, but will just say what it does is create a kind of "Shiny Effect" like that of a new car.

Then we take some more qualities from Black Beauty III and we add them in. Next we wind up with a nice rendition and remake of a prior theme I created a few months back. Pictures do not really seem to do it justice as definitely looks nice on the desktop. Least the gtk 3 side has been taken and stretched to its limits! Well maybe not all the way, but fairly close. With the qualities of BB3 we see that nice easy to download file size that is less than 100kb's! Pictures that are depicting this theme are larger than the entire zip file!

There is no loss of quality here, simply the fat and unnecessary files have been removed! Still coded so one can easily change the entire color scheme from simply going into 2 files! This I call my favorite gift to Gnome and its users! More simplified and easy to deal with for those that wish to make their own. All my themes have been created this way for a good 4 months now! I enjoy creating themes, may not be the greatest, but I am going to help insure others can easily create their own as art should be enjoyed by everyone!

Remember also beauty is in the eye of the beholder! What looks good to one may not to another. So as I always say look before you get. All themes take time to create, so always respect that fact about everyone on here that creates them. Same as usual, if any problems let me know and will fix ASAP! I only want you to enjoy your desktop and the looks that can be obtained through these themes. Thanks for NO SPAM and hope that continues. All my themes are dedicated to the greatest developer in Linux, known as TheeMahn! If it were not for him, I would not even be using Linux!!!!
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