Ambiance Based Theme Red U13.10
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This is my own Ambiance custom theme for ubuntu 13.10...

Este es mi propio theme Basado en ambiance para ubuntu 13.10...

El color rojo puede variar si usas monitor lcd, segun su config.

En monitor de laptop el rojo es mas tenue...

3 years ago


First i would like to say that you did a really good work with this theme. Secondly i would like to know if you where kind enough of possibly making a modification of the default Ambiance theme to a nice blue scheme, not very bright, i mean an easy on the eye blue. If you would modify the theme, believe me, a bunch of us would be really happy for the theme you`we created. :)


3 years ago


OMG! thanks for that...

Really i'm not believe to be so good customizing themes, but i think that i could do a couple of modifications over default ambiance theme with a blue color nice for eyes...

i will try it and i will post it here of course... ;)



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