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NumixShell is a compact and elegant theme for GTK+ and the Gnome Shell, based on the NumixBLUE theme and the elegance-colors Gnome Shell theme engine.

NumixShell requires the following software to be present on the target system:[indent] - Gnome User Theme Shell Extension
-Gnome Shell \"elegance-colors\" theme engine
- Gnome-Tweak-Tool to set themes
- The \"Roboto\" font (used for the shell theme)
To install this theme, copy the contents of[indent] - themes/ to ~/.local/share/themes
- elegance-colors to ~/.config/elegance-colors[/indent]
The fonts and icons used in the screenshot are:
[indent] - Window title font: DejaVu Sans Bold
- Interface font: Segoe UI 8 (MS Windows 8 Fonts)
- Icon theme: Oxygen (KDE icon theme)
- Cursor theme: Vanilla-DMZ[/indent]


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