The LOT of 36 Swar-Themes

GTK3 Themes

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A Shout-Out to the sources...
Digital Blasphemy by Ryan (The best desktop wallpapers I have ever seen)

First Theme from TheRob (Slickness Black 0.9 GTK 2.x Theme/Style which is the best desktop theme I have ever had and I didn\'t want to loose it with Gnome-2)

Second Theme from Ninez (Blapple 1.2 GTK 3.x Theme/Style the GTK-3 theme I used as a base for this theme)

The 2 developers above are the real champions who deserve so much credit. I learned to make the next step and now more steps are needed for the future of these themes.
If you download the file in the link you will be downloading a package of 36 themes all different but centralised around one common theme.
I can not find any bugs in the final versions but...

CAUTION / WARNING: These themes DO NOT and WILL NOT work in Gnome 3.4 or Ubuntu 12.04 as they have in Gnome 3.2 and Ubuntu 11.10!!!
I have spend months to develop something that at the completion and use in new environments does not work so have I wasted so much of my time?
I need help to either learn how to port these themes forward or to create new themes!
These were my first themes and it is heart breaking to see what they become in the \'future of Linux gnome\' so I need help.
If I knew how to port the themes forward I would but as this is my first time I need help / guidance...
If you liked the themes in Ubuntu 11.10 or Gnome 3.2 it is time to work together for their future or sit aside and let them die.
I am giving these themes for free with the hope that 1 person, just 1 person out there can help the themes become what they can be because I am sure as *!#@ I didn\'t waste my time in vein!

DO NOT CONTACT ME and tell me these themes do not work in new versions of Linux Operating System as I know!
DO NOT CONTACT ME and tell me to port the themes forward for Linux as I have been trying!
Before you judge me have a look at the themes as they were intended in Ubuntu 11.10 or Gnome 3.2.1
* There will be no more development or creation of themes for Gnome 3.2.1 or Ubuntu 11.10 so do not ask because such work is already made obsolete.

I designed these themes in Ubuntu 11.10 with...
Bluefish Editor
sudo apt-get install -y bluefish

Gimp Image Editor
sudo apt-get install -y gimp
sudo apt-get install -y gimp-data-extras
sudo apt-get install -y gimp-plugin-registry

Pinta Image Editor
sudo apt-get install -y pinta

Gedit Text Editor
sudo apt-get install -y gedit
sudo apt-get install -y gedit-plugins

So community here are all the themes in one place and the exact tools I used to make them so please help make them better.

What happens now is up to you!
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