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This is an XP-style GTK+ theme based on Murrina engine.

IMHO, XP style was the best one M$ made ever. Even using Vista and Linux, I wanted to have a good similar-looking theme. This theme was inspired and based on Murrina-LiNsta © etiennealaurent and has NO graphics ripped from XP or "XP clone for Linux" themes. Some colors were taken from XP 2002 theme by krig.

Recommended: XFCE 4.6, XFWM theme RedmondXP (mod for 16x16 icon size attached), panel = 35 pixels, systray = 2 rows, no border.

P.S. Wallpaper on screenshot #2 were filled black because of 300KB limit.
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10 years ago

Revision 2:
Added panel-base style
Edited panel-xp style
Cleaned some parts


8 years ago

“scrollbar_color” is no longer supported and will be ignored.

Is there an alternative way to colorize the scrollbar to #c3d5fd?



9 years ago

Alacarte < > properties dialog looks strangely funny

I'm not using GNOME nor Alacarte any-longer though

Little Sister (KDE)
Home PC (Xfce)
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Laptop (Xfce/Openbox) [SalixOS GNU/Linux]

and... I'm using it!



10 years ago

I agree with You that XP style - Luna - is very good theme (I prefer Luna Elements style :-)). Your GTK theme is really great and very similar to XP style. But I think You should notice that Linux is not Windows and some "copied" parts of theme doesn't look good in Linux. For example - windows (buttons, tabs, boxes, columns) in you theme looks beautiful , but I don't like panels and menus. I think panels shouldn't be blue, like on XP. Maybe it'll lookbeter in colours similar to windows color? In menus, dark separator looks bad, and this blue vertical line is also unnecessary. But great job, theme is realy nice, i like this kind of light and warm colours :-)




10 years ago

About the panel: in the next revision there will be a way to have panels and panel buttons JUST like in xfce-redmondxp theme. The separator... I didn't even touch that color, probably will make it some kind of grey.


10 years ago

Revision 2:
Added panel-base style
Edited panel-xp style
Cleaned some parts

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