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Themeset for Murrine. Dark themes to contrast all the bright themes out there. The colors in this set are:

1. Indigo
2. NightBlue
3. BlackIce
4. HotPink
5. JungleGreen
6. RegalWine
7. Coffee

You'll notice a small, white or light blue, line at the top of the scrollbar in nautilus windows. Not sure how to get rid of it.

Feel free to criticize the themes, any suggestions welcome.


14 years ago

I'm not sure what is the criteria of bright theme followers to boicot this pack.

I'm sure (As a member of dark and light sides) that some themes like coffee don't deserve his name (more than 5 cups for day may give some weight to my arguments). But, I will not qualify your theme pack guided by pure hate for bad coffee (color and taste). I have been using dark blue for various days. That is a miracle my friend !!

So, thanks for dark-blue (it deserves my 3 votes ) Keep the labour, and thanks for inverting your time in us.

Saddly: Dark Blue don't works with Murrine 0.3 (updated) on my machine. If that is a real problem for other people: kick back again with dark themes!!

Thanks! (Doctor H.)



14 years ago

hi, I like the color combo especially blue ice. The white line in the nautilus scrollbar does'nt bother me much. I am more bothered with the inactive window title because its unreadble. The background of the window title changes to balck if its inactive but the text changes to black or gray i think. So its difficult to read.

Other than that nice work.



14 years ago

i like that colour combo. nice work!



14 years ago

on top of the nautilus scrollbar is a bug that's existed for quite some time. I don't think there's a way to get rid of it. If there is, it would be nice if someone said how.



14 years ago

I agree... :D where that line came from? :D


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