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Gtk theme based on "Murrine Brave Dark". Metacity theme based on clearbox. Theme designed to be colorful, attractive, and highly legible. Please see the matching mistEEk icons: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/mistEEk+icons?content=120764

See the file panel.rc to use a gradient image in the gnome-panel as in the screenshot.

Feedback appreciated!

Last changelog:

10 years ago

02/27/2010 - Size of menu items is no longer fixed at 11 ... it changes as set in font preferences.


10 years ago

You asked for feedback and here is my
two cents worth.

When you spend so much time on working
a theme remember to present it in the
best light you can.

It looks like you might be running compiz
manager with opacity turned down. I do
not see the theme clearly.

What are you using for screenshot capture?
I have used many and now find Gimp renders shots the cleanest. Just open Gimp,
select file, select create, and click Screenshot.

I will probably sound like your mom,
clean your desktop up. I do not want
to see your full trash can, all your
desktop files, etc... It distracts the eye
from what you are really showing.

It is your show just pair it down a little,
a couple extra things thrown in are okay.

Now the good part...
Once downloaded and installed it hardly
resembles your screenshot and looks
good. the talent is there, you have to
present it in a cleaner brighter light.

I see that this is your first theme here,
keep at it, like a bull dog on bone.
the more you do, the better they will




10 years ago

Mom, I cleaned my desktop ... :). Thanks for the advice and encouragement!


10 years ago

02/27/2010 - Size of menu items is no longer fixed at 11 ... it changes as set in font preferences.

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