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Minimal. Soft. Chamaleon

Soft colors, rounded buttons

::This theme was created in a afternoon when i got bored of the typical Ubuntu themes, so i decided to flip over ubuntu, replacing GNOME with OpenBox, now i had created ChamaleonDE, a nice, minimal GUI for having a great computing experience.

:::Our Theory
We tought that the desktop needs to be not just informative, the dekstop can be also a Home, a place where the user can feel comfortably nice.
We know the colors are a huge way of expressing the emotions; Our vision of the ideal DE is:

The colors must be nice to the Human Eyes, not hard, not too soft

The wallpaper must contrast the windows, panels, bars, docks, etc.

Chamaleon has a goal: Give to the users, that feeling of succes, of Home everytime they sign in

Minimal. Simple. Chamaleon.

::Comment if you liked it, disliked whatever we wanna know your opinion


5 years ago

>Initial release
>Mod of Elegant Brit by fmrbpensador


::GIMP Ruler has a weirdo behavior when opening a picture

>Any bug or comment please let me know ;)

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