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I'm not all too pleased with how this theme came out. I mean, in a visual sense it's pretty much perfect to what I wanted for a theme. Except for a few devious applications (like Firefox and Thunderbird) it's flawless.

In a technical sense, this is a giant hackjob. If you've seen my posting on GNOME's forums or the forums on this site (let's face it, nobody does), you'd know that I couldn't redefine fg[ACTIVE] in a style declaration for buttons, but instead had to either live with some buttons being unreadable, make lots of unreleated things become unreadable, or (after doing unnessesary research) tack on another style declaration for widgets. I went with the latter, and things work... but it's really sloppy feeling. Ah well, you can't expect anyone to listen if you need help with technical aspects in the Linux world. =P

So, this theme is a follow-up to a derivative pixmap GTK theme I posted here some time ago. It's a nice shade of blue without things being too... wierd. I used things from some other themes using the Murrine engine, namely "Murrina-BluePearl" and "Murrine-Elegant".

You will need the Murrine engine (made by cimi) if you want to use this. GNOME-Look doesn't list it as a dependency... but it is. Looks great with the default Murrine Metacity (or XFWM4) theme.
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14 years ago

1.0 - First release. Kinda feels like a hackjob in a technical sense... bleh.


14 years ago

like it. seems like you and i are going for sorta a same design, as we are having the same issue.


14 years ago

1.0 - First release. Kinda feels like a hackjob in a technical sense... bleh.

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