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8 years ago

This is fantastic work. I really liked Elfin2, but was having to edit the gtkrc file to increase the readability of fonts, especially in openoffice. However, this is far more polished than I could have ever achieved.

In addition to choosing slightly better colours that provide better contrast on fonts, I notice that the tabs are more cleanly displayed and the background is slightly lighter, also making readability better.

Just a really nice tune-up you guys on what was a very nice first go at a darker but usable theme. I think this will be on my Debian/Fluxbot setup for quite some time.

Elfin also has a FB style, that I also think could use some improving. Hint hint. :)

Oh and I find that the 'jey' icon theme is pretty much perfect for this setup, and hash303030 in claws mail.

Thx again!




8 years ago

Oops. Well obviously I don't visit here often.

Thanks for the compliments. I did modify the Elfin Fluxbox style for Linux Mint. It is the one being used in the screenshot. Now that you've mentioned it I don't think I uploaded it.

I have to download the ISO image and get it from there. I will add a link to the description.



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