iMetal Aqua Krytarik
GTK2 Themes

This theme is based on the following themes:
- Mac4Lin Aqua
- iMetal
- Leopardish
- Macbuntu
- iMetal Leopard

I did a complete overhaul of the Mac4Lin Aqua theme, added some parts of the other mentioned themes and created some on my own.

I also added a slimmed down icon theme to fit the now dark panels, see below for instructions.



- place the themes' directory into "/usr/share/themes" or "~/.themes"
- if you want to use your own panel background or if you have items at your panels which don't follow the panel-bg, outcomment the "bq_pixmap" lines in "gtk-2.0/panel.rc" and choose the panel-bg via the properties dialogs of your panels

Icons (to fit the dark panels):

- place the icon themes' directory into "/usr/share/icons" or "~/.icons"
- open the text editor
- browse to the icon themes' directory
- open the file "index.theme"
- replace the first entry in the line of "Inherits=" with the name of your favorite icon themes' directory ("Snow sabre" is mine)
- save it

Fix for some Thunderbird buttons:

- place the included userChrome.css into the "chrome" directory of your Thunderbird profile or add its content to yours


6 years ago

Version 1.0:

- fixed the panels and its buttons, and set them to a black background
- changed the look of selected toolbar buttons
- changed the menu background
- changed the look of selected menuitems
- fixed the combo-/optionbuttons
- created new fitting spinbuttons
- fixed the range sliders
- fixed the progress bars
- fixed the scrollbar arrows
- lowered the statusbar and fixed its look
- changed the tooltips, new style now, and darker
- changed the color in list/tree views (like in Nautilus) to better fit the theme
- disabled all the tweaks, they seem not to be necessary, but do cause a huge amount of errors
- improved the checkbuttons/radios
- disabled unnecessary settings for the size of icon
- changed the icons to those of the Macbuntu theme, some from other themes, some custom
- changed the window control buttons to those of the iMetal Leopard theme
- changed the geometrics of the title bar a bit
- increased the window borders a bit

Version 2.0:

- fixed the panels, so that even transparent backgrounds now really look great!
- fixed the tooltips to not have a grey-gradient when specified as windows (like in Pidgin)
- fixed the text colors of some panel menus (Session menu, Tomboy)
- added auto-mnemonics setting to hide the menu accels until Alt is pressed
- added a userChrome.css to disable some of its icons in Thunderbird
- consolidated the color specifications
- changed some colors
- added a userChrome.css to disable some of its icons in Thunderbird
- changed/fixed the stand-alone arrows
- changed the inner spacing of the buttons
- fixed the toolbar handles
- disabled the checkbuttons/radios in menus
- changed the text-entry fields
- some other code improvements


4 years ago

Working in xubuntu 12.04 ? How install ?



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