Happy Valentines!
Inspired by my wife of 32 + years

Gtk2 theme for: Xfxe4, Gnome2, Mate, E17, IceWm, OpenBox3, StandAlone Compiz, Fluxbox, etc.,

Engine=Pixmap, Mist

Includes: gtk2 theme



Font=Roboto, designed by Google, get all 16 styles here at:

Wallpaper: Your choice

Tested in the latest Archlinux OS using icewm-1.3.7-3
No gnome apps, No gtk3.

If you like the start/menu icon and are using a different panel/taskbar than IceWm,
for example: Xfce4panel, Lxdepanel etc. I have placed it at ~/Romaxx/gtk-2.0/Panel folder.

Right click on your start/menu icon >Select > properties and link to above location to change your icon.


New to themes? create a folder, in your home directory ~/.themes
for example mine is /home/justus/.themes
the dot before themes means it is hidden and linked to /usr/share/themes
Can not find it? go to your file menubar, click View, click Show Hidden
Now, download your chosen theme, right click the downloaded file,
chose extract here, grab the extracted file and drop in your .themes folder.
Then open up your favorite appearance manager and select the newly installed
There are other ways to install themes but this is the best way!
It allows you to control or change parts of the theme without
going to root and possibly doing some harm to your file system.

You may also consider creating a folder called ~/.icons
where you can place downloaded icon themes and mouse cursor themes

And another folder callled ~/.fonts
where you can place downloaded fonts

Want to see more of my themes? Click on, Other Artwork from IamJustUs
across from the download button.

Right click on screenshots and open in new tab, to get a better view.


3 years ago

All screenshots IceWM session using
gtk2 apps and qt apps. Running the latest

fix default insensitive button settings in gtkrc
redo entry.png and shadow pngs.
darkened step down and step right arrow points, same to range sliders
added xfwm4 theme
added IceWM theme

3 years ago


most beautiful on gnome look.
but everything is gtk2, unusable for most users.
most of my programs are gtk3, use mint now.
what operating system do you use that still uses gtk2?


3 years ago


There are plenty of choices to replace gnome apps and their gtk3
dependencies. For example, network manager use wicd-gtk2 or better
yet connman. File managers, thunar or better yet spacefm-gtk2. Multi-media, use VLC and clementine, and use qtconfig-qt4 and select gtk+
as your GUI style. To manage your apperarance looks use, lxappearance. For your panel use: tint2, lxpanel, xfce4panel, Icewm,
fbpanel. Desktop enviroment? Xfce4 runs perfectly fine without gtk3 and so does E-17. All window managers run fine without gtk3.
The benefits are enormous, no stupid key ring, no display manager ie.
login screen unless you want one. I do not, I have SSD drives so
with connman I can be on the web within 10- 15 seconds of turning
my laptops on. If you want compositing Xfce has it or use compton.

I used to distro hop and found that most are just someone's elses
vision of the perfect user interface, but along the way they bend
things and add this and that which adds complications.
To go your own way you need to do a minimal install or use
a root distro like slackware, gentoo, debian, archlinux.

I am a happy archlinux OS user. It has gave me knowledge and joy.

archlinux about page:

archlinux OS:



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