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This is a cutting-edge conky that can monitor mobile broadband connections with a beautiful colour display!! I submit it to Linux Mint team and suggest that they include it in the coming release "Nadia"!! This is for open-source community as well!! Enjoy!!


1- Open a Terminal (Applications-Accesories-Terminal) and type:
sudo apt-get install conky-all lm-sensors.

2- Run: sudo sensors-detect (choose YES to all YES/no questions).

3- Run :service module-init-tools start
This will read the changes you made to /etc/modules, and insert the new modules into the kernel.

4- Extract file to your home folder.

5- For Linux Mint Mate edition (But not for Cinnamon ) open /home/.conkyrc and replace “own_window_type normal” with “ own_window_type override”.

6- Run in terminal : conky


1- Go to Startup Applications and add in the name box ”conky” and in the command box “/bin/sh /home/mint/” . Logout
and login and hey presto your conky is running!


- For hddtemp run in terminal: apt-get install hddtemp
reboot and then run:
sudo nc localhost 763

- For Nvidia gpu temp run: apt-get install nvidia-settings

- To disable a section, add "#" at the beginning of the line(For quad/dual core processors add/remove "#" beginning of the core2,3,4 /For battery info add/remove "#" beginning of the battery line)

- To edit colours I refer you to and

- To edit alignment use the following abbreviations: tl, tr, tm, bl, br, bm, ml, mm, mr (Which consecutively mean: top_left, top_right, top_middle, bottom_left, bottom_right, bottom_middle, middle_left, middle_middle, middle_right). You can also use gap_x ( Gap, in pixels, between right or left border of screen) and gap_y (Gap, in pixels, between top or bottom border of).

Feedback is more than welcome!

Thanks for using conky-LinuxMint!!!
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