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The JGD-Black GTK+ 2 theme complements the JGD-Black Openbox theme, which is included in this package.

JGD-Black Gtk+ 2 uses the original Clearlooks engine with the glossy style.

* The first screenshot shows the updated style, with lower contrast highlighting.

Theme engines installation:

The standard GTK2 theme engines package is usually included with the most recent version of Ubuntu. If not, you can install them from the Ubuntu Software Center. Type Clearlooks into its search box, and select Theme engines for GTK+ 2.x and hit Install.

For Arch Linux, a GUI and window manager must be installed before installing a GTK2 theme.
In a terminal type:
pacman -S gtk-engines

For other distributions, check its Package Manager or GUI frontend, searching for Clearlooks.

*Note that installation instructions are untested in distributions other than Ubuntu.

To install this theme:
This theme is now part of the JGD-Black collection. Installation instructions are on its GitHub page:

If you've already installed the JGD-Black Openbox theme (, this theme's folder will override the original folder. The Openbox theme included is the same one.

To switch to this theme, you will need a theme switcher. I recommend LXAppearance. Search for it in your distribution's software repositories.
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10/12/18 9 months ago

Added GPLv3 license and changed download location to proper file download on GitHub

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10/12/18 9 months ago

Added GPLv3 license and changed download location to proper file download on GitHub

New file location and versioning scheme 2 years ago

Files are now being served from GitHub. Version: 02-03-17.
Also, I used lighter highlighting colors on dropdown menus/treemenus.

4 years ago

Version 1.1
I adjusted the colors using the mix expression, using shades of gray (0.25, 0.5 and 0.75) for a more consistent look. This is shown in the updated first screenshot.

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