This is a modification of the default Human gtk theme in Ubuntu 9.10 that I made for myself. So I thought I would share it with other users that prefer light colors. The default color scheme in Humandy has been changed to light grey/blue with Mandriva 2010 in mind, but you can easily change this and use whatever colors you like.

Humandy includes light gradient gnome-panels by default. These are the same as seen in the Murrine-color gtk theme by perfectska04.

The default metacity theme in Humandy 1.0.1 is now X-colors by perfectska04 instead of Human. The Humandy-metacity-extras package includes a couple of suggested metacity alternatives as well. Including the previous default "Human" for non-Ubuntu users. (The included metacity themes are: Blended, New Wave-Blue version, Human, Plano).

The Humandy theme suggests the elementary icon theme, but you can use any icon theme you like. E.g. GNOME-colors or Humanity.

NB: This theme requires the murrine engine. Tested with version 0.90.3.

MANDRIVA users can use the included RPM for Humandy. Humandy-metacity-extras is not available as an RPM yet.

All credits go to the developers of the original themes:
Human/Humanity & Murrine-colors.


7 years ago

* Humandy v 1.0.1
- Humandy now uses X-colors metacity by default instead of Human.
- Human metacity is now included in the Humandy-metacity-extras for non-Ubuntu users instead.
- The theme is now divided into a theme package and a Humandy-metacity-extras package.
- The Humandy-metacity-extras package includes: Blended, New Wave-Blue version, Human, Plano.
- Initial noarch RPMs available for Mandriva (tested on 2010).
- Updated the README file accordingly

* Humandy v 1.0
- Initial Humandy-theme package with Human as default metacity & optional metacity themes.

4 months ago


External link for metacity theme now broken.



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