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Analogue-cream starts a new series in the analogue colorschemes themes.

This GTK2 theme features 3 different engines to choose from in the gtkrc file.

Possible engines are Ubuntulooks, Clearlooks and Murrine (of course, you must install them if not already installed)

To install the theme, unpack it in your /home/user/.theme/ directory or in your /usr/share/theme/ directory as root. As usual.

Now, to change the engine, edit the gtkrc file in the theme's directory and uncomment the relevent lines (while commenting the one you don't need)

I've provided information on how to do this in the gtkrc file itself. You should be sorted !

I've also included the wallpaper as on the screenshots in case you ask for it.

Now, enjoy !

By the way, default engine is Clearlooks (I love this engine !)

Also features menubar and panel art for sizes from 24 to 96 px !


10 years ago

thanks for all themes,gnarly..You have given a lesson of art! ;)


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