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Strom AE < Another Elementary ;-) > Theme

::It needs Aurora, Equinox and Murrine

::Two versions - for regular users and for global-menu users

- It runs mostly on Aurora engine so it`s super-fast :-)
- I have used some of DanRabbit`s graphic and code so credits for it goes to him (marvelous desktop artist in my opinion)
- It`s designed to run with nautilus-elementary and breadcrumbs so i don`t know how it will work with regular nautilus.
- Toolbar separators are invisible, so you can customize your toolbar in every way you like!!
- It`s darker than regular Elementary theme, and looks a bit more macish.
- Looks best with elementary-monochrome icon theme.
- It`s GPL.

I know that there are many elementary themes, many macish themes, and generally many many other themes. Why another one? To try new things, to mix styles and check new solutions to old problems ;-)

:: Instalation ::
Unpack Arbeit AE - there will be two files: \"Arbeit AE.tar.gz\" and \"Arbeit AE GM.tar.gz\". Second file is for global-menu users, and those who like nautilus without menubar.

Right-click on your desktop and choose Change Desktop Background. Change tab to \"Theme\" and drag-and-drop one of \".tar.gz\" files.

Other way is: go to your home folder, in \"view\" menu check \"Show hidden files\". Go to \".Themes\" folder and unpack one of \".tar.gz\" files there.

Enjoy Everyone!!


8 years ago

Looks good in a regular nautilus installation.
This is what i was looking for.


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