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This's Ambiance Maverick Dark variant, released during Maverick cycle as a WIP, made by Canonical Design Team

I just cherry picked the last bzr commit of lp:light-themes ( in which this variant is still included and made a package.

The theme, as Canonical's Otto Greenslade says, is
... work in progress and *at this stage* is not necessarily intended as a full theme but to be used by certain application environments that would benefit from a darker UI, for example: image/photo manipulation and video editing.

Also, GTK is, for a while in fact, capable of loading a dark variant of the current gtk theme to a specific app. Apps like GIMP, Pitivi, OpenShot or Shotwell may probably benefit from this feature in the next Ubuntu releases.

But this dark-variant is also pretty much suitable for daily use to all dark-theme lovers, so I'm posting it here. It has the usual quirks with GNOME dark-themes, mainly with text entry widgets and it hasn't been updated with the new light-themes changes, such as more contrast in disabled menu items, progress bar improvements, squared windows border, and the fix to menu items slowdown (although I think it's barely noticeable here). But nothing of this is a big show-stopper to its use in a daily basis, so go ahead and download it! ;)

All credits go to the always superb Canonical Design Team

[size=3]Extra[/size]: If you want to give your desktop a little icon contrast, this Faenza Dark iconset ( blends stunningly great with this Ambiance Maverick-Dark! ;)


5 years ago

Here's GTK3 version:



7 years ago

Can somebody, Anybody...
Make this theme for GTK3?

I am dying to use this in my 11.10 install.
but I cannot. :(

Anybody want to be my hero?



8 years ago

also tried it,
for the past 4-5 days now..
and have not seen a situation where it was 'unuseable' once.
i think it's one of the best! lol
Niice work mate! Thanks!!



8 years ago

Tried it, unsusable in some situations.


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