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I don\'t know who originally created these, but I do know that they were fairly popular among fans of the wooden GTK themes. And then, they were gone, nowhere to be found online -- until now.

But I just happened to find and install a copy of the wooden icons just now, and so I\'m now sharing them with y\'all. Mind you, I\'m not the creator of these, but I do know that they\'ve been hard to find on the web for quite some time now, and so I thought I\'d correct that problem by making them available here. Enjoy! :-)

If you are the original creator of these icons, please let me know so that I can give credit where credit is due. Also, if you are the original creator of these icons and object to my posting them on here, feel free to say so and I\'ll take \'em down, no questions asked.


7 years ago

I did! they are available here:
based on the gnome hi contrast icons



7 years ago

nice !!!


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