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originaly i was creating this just for my personal use, but the result was just so good i felt like sharing.

created with fyre, tweaked and layered with gimp.

although the preview is blurry, the actual image is very sharp. so in the interests of preserving the image quality i uploaded the original bmp file, but for those of you who do not like bmp, the jpg is here as well.

im VERY SORRY but, since i was originally just rendering it for my own system, this is the highest resolution i rendered it in. and being a dingbat i did not save the file, and in fyre once you close the app, its gone, you cant re-render. i HAVE however, began rendering my newer stuff at 3360 x 2100 resolution. so you can at least count on some of my future stuff being high rez.

LIKE ALL MY UPLOADS: you do NOT need a media fire account to download this, there IS A LINK that says "click here to start download" about half way down on the left side.


11 years ago

This is one that caught my eyes to look into a few times. Got my vote.

Best Regards,


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