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another wallpaper from my series inspired by Tron Legacy. First I created the one with the city, later the „Pclinuxos … Windows derezzed“ (because Pclinuxos is my favourite distro) and finally the Ubuntu version (because many people are using it :-D ).

The word „derezzed“ means according to the TRON Wiki (http://tron.wikia.com/wiki/Deresolution):
„Derez (also spelled as "De-rezz", short for "Deresolution") is a term used to describe someone or something disappearing or dissolving, essentially resulting in deletion. It is a program's equivalent of death.“

The wallpaper is entirely made in Inkscape (thanks guys for such a wonderful piece of SW) with a huge use of built-in filters. Available in wide HD resolution 1920x1080 pixels. If you would like to have it in other screen ratio, let me know.

Comments welcomed.
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product-maker vitoubien Jul 09 2011 9 excellent
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