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First let me say that this wallpaper was made in collaboration with my good friend rvc-2011.
The basic idea and the wizard central logo (made by him) are also from rvc-2011. I only added some details.
Thank you very much my friend for allowing me to use your logo :)

The description is from rvc-2011 :)

Human race has always been on a conquest (of materialistic things)...
here I wish to convey a universal message with a difference...
The Conquest should be over all the negative aspects like ego, anger,
phobia etc and help us realize our higher self and follow the path of
We hope this message is reached and received well...

And we hope you enjoy.
Thanks from both of us.


8 years ago

all credits go to you my friend...
a script can never be displayed without the touch of an art director... and you ve aptly rendered it with your creative imagination !

the yin-yang sphere within which the wizard rides... displays the dual minds of good and bad... and the title "THE CONQUEST" justifes the message..
hope the message is broadcast globally !




8 years ago

...and the credits go to you too my friend because without a good idea at the beginning this project could not have been possible. And your brilliant idea triggered the process of creation...
Thanks a lot !
Have a wonderful day :)


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