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12 years ago

Good picture, and I voted it up.

The previous comment, though, made me upset. I will not comment on it directly; instead I offer these:

"The tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
Thomas Jefferson

"Those that would sacrifice precious Liberty for temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety."
Ben Franklin



12 years ago

Voted the last three wallpapers.

Well all respect towards your work. I will like to emphasy into the price of freedom a little if you don't mind. To me Freedom should not have any price and less the price of anyone being kill for it. Killing for anything is never a noble cause. Humans being are smart enough not to have to kill each other, there is really not need to do so. Between Good and Bad there is always a struggle a conflict, until we do not learn this the world will continue fighting for this or that. If I fight for freedom I will create hate, killing, harm and suffering to others and if I don't then I maybe get harm, kill and suffer etc... also.

It is possible that maybe Having freedom can only be acomplish inside the individual human being mind, when the Ego does not take the initiative for condeming or to judge the differences between race, colors, weak or strong etc... Schools teach kids to be competitive against other children and teachers support it but through a competitive mind children will learn to difference between themselves and others and these leads to conflict with others.

When fighting for or against men can't and will never attain inner peace or real freedom.

Thanks a lot for your beautiful work keep it up. I had to coment on this idea with all respect you express through some of your work with your possible stand to such a serious world problem.

Excuse my English a little.

Best Wishes to you!


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