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A quick edit with gimp. Original debian dot logo taken from Debian red dot wallpaper posted by lsaturno, a well crafted image. Inspiration for the style of this edit is from my K-Hazard2 wallpaper that is also posted here. It seemed to be somewhat popular so i wanted to use the same style with a different logo.


14 years ago

I think this is one of the best ones in this site, your works are Great!



15 years ago

Damn Rapture,
You are extremely talented. I love your wallpapers, I never knew you did other wallpapers til I read your description, clicked on your nick and saw your entries. I love the KHazard series or whatever they were called. Again, why does this have to have the debian logo :( lol. I'll ask the same question as before. Can you do a greyhat/blackhat/whitehat version? Or at least grace us non-Debian's with a non distro specific version? Also, maybe other colors? Red, Blue, Green. I am really flabbergasted with some of your work.




15 years ago

Thankyou very much, i am glad that someone likes it. I don't really spend a lot of time making wallpapers, and i don't have a good drawing program to work with at the moment, so it's usually just using an existing logo, and then editng in gimp. Even when i do make one i don't spend alot of time or effort to make it. This one i spent about 30 minutes on or so. Like i said before, i usually make them for myself, and if i think i did okay and someone else may like it, i will post it. I personally use debian, so that's why the tendency is to use debian logos. I may try to make a hat one for ya, as a thankyou. i think i understand better what you mean now too, so i won't use a fedora, or redhat logo.


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