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5 .0

UPDATE: ingolemo has updated v0.3 of his theme, incorporating my improvements :-) -- Please use his theme, which is under active development.

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This theme combines the Sunny metacity theme ( with the Human theme (the latter is a dependency). Specific improvements to ingolemo´s v0.2 metacity theme include: (1) fixed all edges and corner highlights; (2) replaced the up-down window-button animations with subtle button highlights on hover and click; and (3) added visible buttons to all unfocused windows.

To change the default color scheme, just click on System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Colors, and change the Selected Items Background color.


10 years ago


I also had the idea to use the Human gtk-Theme together with the Ubuntu sun Metacitys, but I have added some improvements to it. Firstly you should add the following line to the Human gtkrc:

GtkMenuBar::shadow_type = GTK_SHADOW_NONE

Then, you should add these lines in a seperate section of the gtkrc:

style "murrine-toolbar" = "murrine-default"
engine "murrine"
contrast = 0.0
highlight_shade = 1.0
glow_shade = 1.0
gradient_shades = {1.0,0.95,0.949,0.9}

Then, you should search for the term "class "GtkToolbar"", which should end with "style "murrine-toolbar""

and then I suggest to set the highlight_shade to 1.1 and the lightborder_shade to 1.05 of the murrine-engine settings.

This edits will give a more sunny look to the theme and looks perfect with Sun Theme.

Just ask, if you need further instructions howto do this.





10 years ago

Thanks. I like the theme as is, but please feel free to change it in any way you wish and upload modified versions of it -- I would be delighted if you and others take this theme in all kinds of different directions.


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