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this is the newest version of my gtk and icon theme for fedora. i started to develop this theme because i liked fedoras philosophy, feel and usability but thought the look could need some enhancement.

i build this theme mostly on other themes and focused on the right color set for the overall-icons, nice panel icons and a slick metacity and gtk theme. the icon theme in this release is a modified humanities theme, the gtk theme is partly based on radiance.

unlike the versions before this release is based on the murrine-engine and not on the clearlooks engine! so before you can use this theme do the following:

install murrine-engine
open your terminal and type 'su' to become root. then install murrine via yum by typing 'yum install gtk-murrine-engine'. thats it.

install themes
extract the .zip. inside you finde two tarballs inhereting the icon and gtk theme. extract the icon-tarball to ~/.icons and the gtk-tarball to ~/.themes.

now you should be able to select the theme from your appearance config.

- icons now based on humanity instead of gnome-colors
- wholly new panel-icons
- new metacity theme
- new gtk theme

known bugs
- i couldnt get dropbox to use the included icons, to get it working nevertheless i copied over the icons from my icon-theme over the dropbox icons located in ~/.dropbox-dist/icons/hicolor/16x16.

wallpaper is from

have fun
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