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This is my take on the ever famous Dust theme.

I was impressed with the simplicity and elegance of the original Dust theme but thought that it would look pretty cool with at Minty take on it. This is the result.

Included is a Metacity theme, but I included the bordered one from the Dust Extras download.

For those who use Mint, I included a new menu button, which is in the gtk folder. I also made the taskbar png image a bit more transparent for those who will use it. It is included as well.

It uses as default the LinuxMint icon theme, as I know people use their own icon themes and generally don't like the default ones.

It uses Clearlooks and Murrine as the original Dust theme uses, so there shouldn't be any incompatibility issues.

Install instructions: Extract the zip anywhere you wish; open your Appearance settings, click the Theme tab, and drag and drop the "tar.gz" file into the open window.

I hope everyone likes it as much as I do.


10 years ago

I love Dust and am glad somebody made a green version. However I don't really like the color selection. The green is too bright. I realise it doesn't show up on the top of the window if you change it, but still. Also, in the next revision, can you include the option to use the borderless version? Oh, one more thing; you should probably delete the other duplicate listing since it's outdated. Keep up the good work!



10 years ago

...my Netbook :-)
Great work !
The LinuxMint Menu Icon is also perfect ! Thx.
I use LinuxMint 6, it works great and it`s fast.
Greetz, GabberGmbH



10 years ago

thank you for this. it looks great! i use mint also ;)




10 years ago

Yeah Mint is awesome! Thank you for downloading. :-)


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