Royal Noir meets Android

Gtk2 theme for: Xfxe4, Gnome2, Mate, E17, IceWm, OpenBox3, StandAlone Compiz, Fluxbox, etc.,

Engine=Pixmap, Mist

Includes: gtk2 theme, IceWM theme, xfwm theme


MouseCursor=Comix Cursor original Red Large Slim

Font=Roboto, designed by Google, get all 16 styles here at:

Magic light

Fishbowl In Sea

First Snow


3 years ago

Screenshot 1 New look, IceWm-session
Screenshot 2 New look, IceWm-session
Screenshot 3 Old look vs New look, Xfce4-session

Changes: October 2, 2013

Some minor updates finally getting around to

Added complete button functions to default, gives better look with combo menu scroll selectors/buttons.

Added, widget_class "*XfceSystrayPlugin" style "panel" to panel.rc fixes system tray offset when not
using compositing.

Changes: August 29, 2013

IceWM, Xfce4wm :

IceWM- punched titlebar buttons in, recolored active, mouseover, pressed buttons

XfWM- ported IceWm changes

If you like the start/menu icon and are using a different panel/taskbar than IceWm,
for example: Xfce4panel, Lxdepanel etc. I have placed it at ~/Emerge/gtk-2.0/Panel folder.

If you use vertical panel/taskbar, I have included an alternate set of panel/taskbar buttons.
Again in ~/Emerge/gtk-2.0/Panel folder.

If you like the older spin/scrollbar arrows, I have included them at
~/Emerge/gtk-2.0Arrows/old_spin folder.


Changes: August 23, 2013


Changed: spin buttons, scrollbar steppers, range sliders to harmonize with scrollbar slider

Removed slider scrollbar grip and recolored prelight slider for better contrast

Added in a color variation to the range slider troughs, entry and spin entry focus, progressbar, Started with
the range, divided in thirds, it just makes things easier to set if you have some reference points, the focus
and progressbar, just to try something new.

Changed the inactive tab to an innie, recolored, added a bit of highlight to bottom of tab, again for contrast

After some hair pulling, finally satisfied with Xfce4-panel look, I striped the panel conf. from the gtkrc
and included it separately adding back in only the widgets (five) needed to get there. Previously (twenty-two)
widgets. Also, this makes it easier to use Xfce-4 default panel conf by adding comment, # to the beginning at
line 10 of the gtkrc, include "panel.rc", the difference being Xfce uses your gtkrc buttons and gtkrc default

Tested in Xfce4, IceWm session

3 years ago


Good work, eye friendly colours, but torrent client Transmission do not accept this theme. Looks very ugly, like basic GTK. Linux Mint 15, XFCE 4.10


3 years ago


Thanks Marcin,
transmission is a gnome app that requires gtk3.
This is strictly a gtk2 theme.
Any gnome app that requires gtk3 (probably all now)
will not follow gtk2 guidelines.
You will need to download a gtk2/gtk3 theme.
If this is the only app on your OS that is ugly.
I would remove it and gtk3.
If you really like transmission, there is
transmission-qt that can very closely match
this gtk2 theme, but only after you remove gtk3
cause it is a bully and wants top dog.
This is not my theme or Xfce's problem it is
strictly your Linux Mint fault or your own
for downloading a gnome app.
There are lots of other torrent clients out
there to choose from just check the dependencies
If gtk3 is listed stay away from it.
Yes, even I have been caught before, it is not
much trouble to remove the app and gtk3.
Did you know that Opera web browser has a built
in torrent handler?


3 years ago


It is a nice theme and it deserves GT3 version.

Keep up the good work.

Cheers mate.


3 years ago


Thanks originalseed,
Your DarkCold theme is a beauty. I admire your
tenacity. Jumping through fire rings, is not
my style. I am more of a walrus, lay on the
beach, soak up the sun type. One little
gtk3 developer gets a twitch and your back
at the drawing board. Anyway, you too,
keep pushing out your art. I am looking for
some fresh gtk2 ideas. ha ha


4 years ago


there is no gtk3 it will bo outdated very soon anyway.


4 years ago


not usable for most linux users.
running bodhi 2.2 and cannot use it.


4 years ago



It is not needed, it is only needed if you bring
in gnome apps which now have gtk3 dependencies.
I use a combination of independent, xfce4, lxde,
apps. that do not use gtk3.

I suspect that you have hybridized your bodhi distro with gnome by downloading some gnome apps,
now gnome wants to control your enlightened desktop. or perhaps bodhi has.

So, I installed enlightenment17 (0.17.1-1) on my
archlinux, just to include a screenshot 3, showing that emerge gtk2 works just fine with
the latest e17.

Here are a couple of links that may help your

I used to be a KDE 3.5 user, I jumped on that
KDE 4.0 bandwagon and was sorely disappointed,
I have seen this all before and do not wish
to chase any more rainbows.

By the way, as much as I love e17, I had removed
it from my computer, and only reinstalled to see
if you knew what you were talking about.

I admire August's tenacity in trying to keep up
with e17 engineers. I have too full a plate
to attempt this. My last e17 update ripped all
his themes to null and reset my desktop settings
back to default. No thanks!

You are also wrong about gtk2, it is still being
developed, it does not grab the headlines cause
its not the new kid on the block.

My rolling pacman log:

[2012-07-23 01:40] upgraded gtk2 (2.24.10-3 -> 2.24.11-2)
[2012-09-13 15:24] upgraded gtk2 (2.24.11-2 -> 2.24.12-1)
[2012-09-25 01:12] upgraded gtk2 (2.24.12-1 -> 2.24.13-1)
[2012-12-07 01:05] upgraded gtk2 (2.24.13-1 -> 2.24.14-1)
[2013-02-12 03:09] upgraded gtk2 (2.24.14-1 -> 2.24.15-1)
[2013-03-02 01:38] upgraded gtk2 (2.24.15-1 -> 2.24.16-1)
[2013-03-19 00:50] upgraded gtk2 (2.24.16-1 -> 2.24.17-1)

My hope is that you are just uninformed and not
just spreading your own agenda or group think.

Let me reiterate, I spent some time thinking on
this response, since you posted this on three
of my themes.

Gtk3 themeing is too new for me keep up with, do
you know which direction they are headed? I do
not, I am not sure they even know.

I am not anti gtk3, but I would say I am pro
If you like gtk3 more power to you, chose a gtk3
This is Linux you can have your cake and eat it


4 years ago


....theme... :)


4 years ago





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