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This is a modified version of Clearlooks Revamp (, created by Zentili. (99,99% of the credits should go to him... only a little bit for me... ok 100% to him :P)

As with the original, it's 100% made with murrine engine (git version needed)

Changes between original and mod:

-Deleted purple/magenta color for selections, now uses the same blue for everything.

-Speaking about blue: is a little bit darker.

-Deleted font size restriction.

-Style in menu-items, progressbars, and in back/forward nautilus' buttons reworked.

-Menu offset increased to make menu childs overlap the parent menus.

-Deleted custom style in Eye of Gnome.

-Added separation lines between menubar and toolbar.

All changs are visible in the screenshot (except the no-special Eye of Gnome style).

pd: No nautilus elementary version. This theme is a modification of the classic nautilus version of the original theme from Zentili, so no nautilus elementary tested in any way.

(Sorry for all possible typos and/or gramatical mistakes.)


9 years ago

The mod is shipping your original background (maybe it's hard to see because the panel in the screenshot is only 20px height).

By the way; I don't want to "steal your fans" or something like that. I just made the modifications for myself, then I decided to share.

But probably I won't continue updating the mod, unless your releases introduce interesting/big changes aswell as maintain things that i don't like. (please don't interpret this as an offense or something similar, I only try to adjust your theme to my personal (and sometimes difficult) taste ;))

I can't wait to see the next iteration of your theme :), and well, you can take all the changes i've made as suggestions of what *imho* would improve your theme.

ps: I really love your nautilus breadcrumbs :D



9 years ago

not at all.. you are ENCOURAGED to do anything you want to the theme, it's opensource! :D



9 years ago

P.S. why did you remove the panel background?



9 years ago

Man, another big release is coming, if you have other suggestions please let me know here on on deviantart, i have so many nice things for you to come out ^^


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