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I am not either a Gtkrc expert or a designer, so what I did is just tuning and putting together some great elements and ideas from different themes.

This is only a slight mod and tuning of Murrine Candido by Andrea Cimitan (Cimi), using the Murrine SVN Engine (I don't know how it will behave if you don't have this version in your distro), included by default in Ubuntu Intrepid. For these reasons all the credits go to him, for making this wonderful engine and theme.

I also took inspiration from Shiki-Colors by perfectska04, as a consequence some credits go to him as well.

This theme is a little more compact than the ones you usually find on this website, because I dislike space-wasting, but it's not a true compact one and doesn't show any kind of imperfection (at least on my laptop).

Other elements shown in the screenshot:
- The icon-theme is Gnome-Colors Human by perfectska04
- The metacity theme is Unity by Cimi.
I would like to work on a mod of the Dust theme that uses the default colour, with a "unified" look instead of the black one, and I think that this will fit very well with my theme: Wanna help?
- The font I am using is Corbel (even if it's proprietary) but Bitstream Vera Sans looks nice as well
- The wallpaper and the Gdm (not shown in the screenshot) come from the Shiki-Colors pack, installed using the ColorizeMe script

For better results, install this theme as root (In Ubuntu, that means unpacking the archive in usr/share/themes with root privileges: for instance, you can open a terminal and type sudo nautilus to have a file manager with root privileges).

I hope you will like my theme and that this will become the default theme for Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 .

### If there is something you dislike please comment before voting ###


12 years ago

I didn't package the metacity theme with mine because I didn't modify it at all.
But I put a link to the theme in the description.
In addition, I remind you that the unity theme is officially part of the gnome-theme-extras package.

Thx for your comment



12 years ago

This looks nice, but I think it would be much more convenient if Cimi's metacity was packaged along with your theme.


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