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I suggest that you read all below as this theme is supposed to be used somewhat different compared to other themes.

Note: This style is not designed around nautilus-elementary as it's no longer maintained.

Required GTK engines: (All the latest versions of course.) :)
- gtk2-engines-murrine
- gtk2-engines-pixbuf



1. Extract the tar.gz file from the zip file and drag the tarball to the Customization window or manually extract the Soothe-folder to /home/username/.themes or /usr/share/themes for all users.
2. Go to System->Preferences->Appearance and click on the Customize button to select your preferred controls, window border, icon and cursor theme. (In this case it's Soothe.)

1. Install emerald.
2. Press ALT+F2 and type emerald --replace
3. Go to System->Preferences->Emerald theme manager.
4. Click on the import button to import the .emerald files.
5. Select a theme from the list.

Note: If you like emerald and want to use it as your main window manager you can add the command to your compiz settings or startup applications. If you want to switch back to the standard window manager press ALT+F2 and type gtk-window-decorator --replace (or metacity --replace if it can't find gtk-window-decorator.)


The purpose here is that you use your own dark custom panel background. Rightclick on the panel > properties and select an image you have or have created. You can also use the one I included, but that can't be set in the panel properties.

(Make sure your panel is set to 24px in height.)

For this to work you need to have GIMP installed.
Ubuntu users - Open a terminal and type: sudo apt-get install gimp You also need a GIMP plugin call Liquid Rescale: sudo apt-get install gimp-plugin-registry
Other users -

### THE IMAGE ###

1. Locate the paneltrick-bg.png file in the archive.

2. Open the PNG-file in GIMP.

3. Go to Layer > Liquid Rescale.

4. Enter your screen width in the Width area and then resize the image.
(The "chain" icon next to the values needs to be "open". If it's locked, just click on it. It should be open by default though.)

5. Press CTRL+A (or Select > All.) Copy the image and paste it on your wallpaper of choice.
Important: Your wallpaper must have the same width and height as your desktop resolution.

6. Move the pasted layer to the top and then save your new wallpaper as whatever.png.

7. Right-click on your panel and select properties. Go to the Background tab and select Solid color. Move the opacity slider all the way to the left.

Optional advanced step: If you want the background behind your panel blurred or a bit darkened you can use the magic wand tool. Select the panel layer, then use the magic wand to select the empty area below the panel. Invert your selection and copy a panel look-a-like part from your wallpaper, then paste it as a new layer. Now you can experiment with layer styles and blur.

- Pixmap scrollbar is displayed 1px off in nautilus.
- Scrollbar in Opera and Firefox isn't rounded where it's supposed to be rounded.
- Tool buttons in GIMP aren't styled with the correct murrine button. Application bug I believe.
- The leftmost toolbar buttons in nautilus aren't styled properly with the murrine button. No idea what's wrong.


Font: Futura.
Wallpaper gradient colors: #B5CBBC to #4B696C.

Screenshots using these themes:

Last changelog:

8 years ago

- Rewrote most part of the gtkrc. Included fixes and stuff from the latest elementary.
- Pixmap scales/sliders.
- Nautilus breadcrumbs removed. (They stopped working and I was too lazy to find a solution.)
- Equinox engine no longer required.


7 years ago

I've installed like every gtk-theme but it don't work.

Emerald it's OK.

How to set correctly the GTK? (i have already installed gtk2-engine-murrine/pixful)

thanks for the response :)



7 years ago

Thx so much for the theme which is great, i really like it and it works great.

My problem is with the emerald theme, when i type in console emerald --replace, i get an error message and no windows decoration comes up.
The error message is :

/usr/share/themes/Soothe/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:258: Unable to locate image file in pixmap_path: "widgets/Others/close.png"
Segmentation fault

any help is welcome and best of wishes.




7 years ago

The emerald package in the latest Ubuntu is out of date. Fix instructions here:



8 years ago

Hey, great theme, but sadly you dropped Nautilus Elementary support!

But the project is not dead:



8 years ago

That's the way I want my OS, so that theme is perfect for me!
Really wonderful job you've done here! Keep doing themes dude, noone made any one as cool as yours!



8 years ago

Great work on this theme! Best one I've ever seen to GNOME. Keep up the good work!



8 years ago

has a lot of potential. Simplify the end results for the lazy/artless people and you have a great thing going.




8 years ago

An installation script would be my next step if I just could understand how to write everything. Looking into the possibility of creating an ImageMagick script for the intended panel usage too. Never used ImageMagick before though. :P



8 years ago

You may want to contact the author of the "Any Color You Like". He's done an amazing scripting job with his icon theme and would probably be much help for ya ;)


8 years ago

- Rewrote most part of the gtkrc. Included fixes and stuff from the latest elementary.
- Pixmap scales/sliders.
- Nautilus breadcrumbs removed. (They stopped working and I was too lazy to find a solution.)
- Equinox engine no longer required.

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