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This is a square icon for the flash-card program Anki, intended to fit the fantastic new icon theme Faenza.

The file is an SVG image. To use it, just copy the SVG file into the "scalable/apps" folder of the Faenza icon theme. (This will usually be found in ~/.icons/Faenza/scalable/apps or /usr/share/icons/Faenza/scalable/apps).

**Why doesn't the new icon show up in my menu?**
Anki is one application that doesn't always notice custom icons from icon themes. I have found that a custom icon shows up in Avant Window Navigator and (sometimes) in GnoMenu, but not in the Ubuntu main menu. I'm not sure why, or whether this can be fixed.

Made with Inkscape on Ubuntu 10.10


6 years ago

1.1 - Changed gradients, shadows, and bottom edge highlight; Also enlarged the svg image to 128x128

6 years ago


When I so the icon the first think I thought was that it's somehow canadian. But what exactly was the update in the icon?


6 years ago


I just fixed the file version and the resolution. The original upload was the wrong version. I hope you like it.



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