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Created by many members of LinuxCult ( and the Crystal for Gnome project. These members are:

Tehmiller (original porter), Panic_69 (helper), Exdaix (current porter), Chromakode (programmer of the misgnomer icon conversion script), and spacejunk (GTK porter).

This is a full icon theme, covering everything from the icons in Nautilus, the Gnome Menu, the Desktop, the right-click menu, and more.

This theme was created using the Crystal SVG icons by Everaldo ( and were used with permission.

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1 year ago

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14 years ago

Unfortunately your icon theme misses stock icons. Since gnome 2.10?? you can define stock icons without an iconrc files. That's good, cause iconrc files are evil and are made by the devil himself. :)
I've seen you use stock icons in your gtk2 themes so icons do exist. Please consider removing iconrcs from the gtk themes and move them into the icon themes.
I hate it when my gtk theme uses other icons than the rest of my desktop. There's a reason why gtk devs finally removed that bug.

Thx for listening and a great crystal suite. :)



14 years ago

Hi, I'm the main dev for the iconset.

Thanks for the advice... Spacejunk and I will fix that for next release.

That was one of our "pull our hair out" problems we had with GTK since the beginning, I'm glad they finally got around to fixing that. Stock icons were always evil.

Also, that GTK Error when you run something from terminal will be fixed next release as well.




14 years ago

This iconset was built when GNOME 2.6 was new.

We are working on a new version that will use some of the nifty changes in GNOME 2.10.


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