Cairo Clock

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Highly resizable, pure vector clock.

(for instal: unpack to : usr/share/cairo-clock/themes)

You can use it for screenlet, and for clocky too.


7 years ago

The energy and power! The great strength! Brilliantly done! The red color reminds me of the Turkish flag. In red is the great power of the devil, the energy of hate and triumphant hymn of darkness! I love this job. I found this job, I felt this power, and then I learned how to be me. Are you a good witch. Your job now witchcraft. I have a request. I want you to make a clock in the shape of the human heart. I have a wife. My wife has a lover. Her lover is former my friend. I'm unhappy. Help me. You know how to conjure. It is necessary to make a clock in the shape of heart and put it in a spirit of hatred. I'm going to put this clock on the desktop of my wife. I'll do it shaitanship. My wife would argue with her lover, and then I'll be happy. This is not fair. My wife is cheating on me, and you can help me. Help me.


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