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as an uploader, i find it very irritating when people vote my uploads down without giving any reason.
i can understand some don't like my work but i have no idea how i could improve it.

i think it would be a good idea to remind people about commenting every time they vote anything bad.

an extreme (perhaps too extreme?) version would be not to let people vote down without providing a comment.

ps. please, don't vote this upload down without giving a reason...


14 years ago

Yep I agree with you. It should be a good idea to put on the website. Really.
Some people voted bad at my works too and of course they didn't give any reasons why and that's pretty irritating though... Only one person did on my GTK theme and I thanks him (and I thank those personns who voted "good" and cheers me). It allowed me to rework things and get the GTK theme better.

But I tell myself : "They voted "bad" ? They'll vote "good" right away because I'm going to put something better than before."


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