FragCheck and Defrag Tools
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These are simple scripts to check for fragmentation & defragmentation, if desired. There have been several folks interested in something simple, so here it is.

Works great for curiosity and checking external drives, of any format. Personally, FragCheck is nice when wanting to know how fragmented a flash drive is, or a portable hard drive in NTFS or FAT32. Just something I wish was basic in a Linux distro. Of course, why bother since for normal use, (not folks with overly copying/pasting and downloading skills ;)), Linux never needs to be defragged.

WARNING: Use Defrag at your own risk. I've never had issues, but of course, being Linux, you really don't ever need to use it. My understanding of how it works is it copies everything inside the same folder as a way to 'defrag' it. Not sure if it works if you don't have at least half of your drive space free. But I could be wrong. FragCheck I use often and love it. See screenshot for view of a few readouts.

I did not make these. Credit goes to Con Kolivas for the '' script. I do not know who is to credit for the '' script as there is no name inside the script, and I can't remember where I got it. ;)

To Use:

- Either place the script inside a particular folder and run it in the terminal, or direct the script to the folder desired, like this:

$ "/Path of" "/Path to directory desired"

- I prefer using aliases, and adding the scripts to my nautilus-scripts folder, by putting in '~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts', and adding a few simple alias commands inside my '~/.bashrc' file:

alias defrag='sudo ./.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/"File System Management"/'
alias defrag-system='sudo ./.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/"File System Management"/ /'
alias defrag-home='sudo ./.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/"File System Management"/ ~'
alias defrag-root='sudo ./.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/"File System Management"/ /root'
alias fragcheck='sudo ./.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/"File System Management"/'
alias fragcheck-system='sudo ./.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/"File System Management"/ /'
alias fragcheck-home='sudo ./.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/"File System Management"/ ~'
alias fragcheck-root='sudo ./.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/"File System Management"/ /root'
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FragCheck and Defrag Tools
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